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“Getting to Know” … Freesia

The beautiful, delicate and fragrant freesia is the favourite of many. Did you know the freesia represents unconditional love? Traditionally they are to be given to your spouse after 7 years of marriage, as a gesture of genuine love. This vintage flower is native to South Africa and known locally as “Cape Lilly of the Valley”. But they were re-named by the botanist Eckon, who dedicated them to his friend Dr F. Freese.

Available all year round this fragrant flower is available off the Dutch auction as a cut flower. In the spring and summer months you can order a plant which thrives outdoors in a container. They come in many colours; pink, lavender, red, yellow, white and orange to name a few. Freesia is a dynamic flower, growing after being cut from the tubers greatly adding to their beauty.

We have many freesia bouquets available for purchase throughout  the year, but by far the most popular is “Freesia Dream” (shown below). It’s our luxury bouquet which showcases over 50 individual stems of freesia in at least 5 different colours. This is the perfect gift for a freesia lover. (or for a 7 year anniversary!)  

 Mothering Sunday is only  two weeks away, order it here - https://goo.gl/ki8d2B, and don’t forget to use discount code MD2018 to receive 10% off before 1st March 2108.

Getting to Know ... How to Look After Your Tulips.


Did you know tulips are one of a select few flowers that continue to grow after they have been cut. They can grow over 2 and a half inches before they bloom. So every day your arrangement can keep on giving you enjoyment as it grows towards the light.

The best way to get the most out of your tulips is to ensure the vase they are in is clean, the best way to achieve this is by bleaching the vase. This will help prevent any bacteria growth, the nemesis of tulips.

As with all cut flowers use the Flower food sachet provided by your florist. If you haven’t any please feel free to pop by the shop. This little sachet of magic has been formulated by scientists to provide all the essential nutrients needed for your cut flowers with anti-bacterial properties to ensure your flowers flourish.

All cut flowers benefit from a trim from the bottom every few days, around 2-5cm is the best for tulips. This can encourage water uptake and keeps your tulips strong and straight. Always try and trim your flowers with dedicated tools, be it a knife or scissors, this will help prevent any cross contamination of food stuffs or harmful chemicals found in cleaning products. I can source florist quality products for you to use.

Always make sure that throughout the weeks whilst you enjoy your flowers the vase is cleaned regularly with fresh water mixed with flower food. The only other thing to do is enjoy them!

Next week we will be exploring the secret meaning behind coloured roses.

Getting to know ... Smith and Munson


As mentioned last week, Floral Pride’s favourite grower of tulips is Smith and Munson. Based in Spalding in South Lancashire, they were founded in 1949 and have worked through 5 generations of family members to help curate and develop the strongest and best quality flowers available from UK growers. 

Smith and Munson began to specialise in cut flowers in 1980 and currently only produce the best tulips and lilies. The tulips are grown on the farm from December through to May, under the cover of the state of the art greenhouses, heated by biomass boilers. 

All of their flowers avoids soil waste and are hydroponically grown in a gravel or sand mixture, making them more environmentally friendly and consistent. Furthermore, Smith and Munson use recycled rain water to grow their crop - so you can be confident you’re making an environmentally sound choice when buying their tulips!

I can order and prepare tulips from smith and Munson so suit any order, I do recommend the popular option of 5 stems which can be bought from only £2.00! Pop in store to get yours. 

Image from smithandmunson.com

Getting to Know ... Tulips

Floral Pride’s is “Getting to know...” the humble Tulip. The popular spring bulb flower most commonly associated with Holland, but do you know it’s roots (pun intended) and did you know it’s not actually indigenous to Holland?

Tulips originated in Asia and the Middle East and were brought to the west by Nomads. In the 16th Century, they got their name from the Turkish word for Turban as that’s where sultans would wear the flowers.

Tulips come in many shapes; many sizes and many colours from the Dutch auction, as well as from selected English growers. Our favourite local growers at Floral Pride are Smith and Munson (more about them later in the month). The colour selection is vast and covers every colour of the rainbow; red, yellow, white, pink, purple, orange and two tone! Just to name but a few. What is your favourite colour of Tulip? We can get it!

Did you know tulips come in a single and a double flower? We can also source a special fringed petal, that’s one of my personal favourites. 

There’s loads more varieties to choose from; the Parrot variety can be the most playful and textured to work with, the French tulip is grown specifically for its length so it’s great to put in a clear tall vase to show off the stem and proportional heads. Each variety has its own strengths, we can help you decide which is best for you.

You can find out more about Tulips, follow our Facebook page or check out funnyhowflowersdothat.co.uk

And don’t forget we will have fresh tulips available right throughout spring and have our favourite tulips from Smith and Munson available at 20 stems for £17.50 (subject to availability).

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